Oh Mama!

Who's dropping hints already? This month we see the United Arab Emirates celebrate Mother’s Day on 21st March followed a week later by the United Kingdom on the 27th March. Then we have other countries celebrating in the month of May. So, if like us here at The Sandpit Greetings Co. we love all things greetings card, then save the dates, drop the hints and use the opportunity to be celebrated once, twice or even thrice over.

After all, the kids are screaming, the daily errands are never ending, the husband is making more mess than the kids do. Every mama really does need to be reminded that in amongst all of the chaos all that they do is recognized if not appreciated just a little bit.

Whilst Mother’s Day can be traced back as far as the early 1900’s, we have only personally been doing what I describe as the “hardest” job in the universe for a couple of years or so. When an occasion like Mother’s Day comes around, we are jumping to remind the husband, and the kids that the day is near and NOT TO FORGET otherwise we may just have to decide that ‘we might not be able to mother today’ (can we actually do that though?!).

Fancy gifts are nice, some sleep would be welcomed as would an uninterrupted bath, but the truth is a greetings card from each of our children, handwritten by those who are old enough would melt our hearts every time. And isn’t that the truth, no matter how much we do, it really is the simplicity and thoughtfulness of a folded piece of card and a cuddle that brings so much joy!

Here at The Sandpit Greetings Co. we ensure we always have the best selection specially for this occasion to make sure that every mum, mama, mother, step mum, special someone with her nurturing spirit can feel appreciated on this 2022 Mother’s Day (whichever date you choose to celebrate – we say ALL of them!). To view the full collection featuring your traditional style cards, the punny and humorous, the original and creative click here.

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