Crafty Little Things

Hello, my name is Steph and I am excited to be one of the Sandpit Greetings Co. creators. Originally from Australia, I moved to Dubai in 2019 and have found myself returning to a craft that I have always enjoyed, paper craft. I previously sold my gift card creations in the staff room at my work 20 years ago, then along came my children, who are now both at school, and I have found myself drawn back to the crafting table, setting up Crafty Little Things, and enjoying every moment of it.

My gift cards are formed from layered card, using embellishments, natural shapes, colored pens and a few googly eyes! My (Mum) sense of humor shines through in some of my designs and I have received praise on how personalized the finished products were. My greatest passion is that of digital ‘creator’ combining my artistic flair with fantastic fonts and graphics.

As well as cards, I also create unique cake toppers, shadow boxes and creations with vinyl. I really enjoy seeing the final result, when I start with blank card, and finish with a product I am super proud of.

Click here to view the Crafty Little Things card selection available to purchase at The Sandpit Greetings Co.