Dainty Illustrations

Hi! I’m Laura! Founder of Dainty Illustrations. 

I am a full time mum, wife and millennial soul searcher originally from Newcastle U.K (big-up to my fellow Geordies). I’ve been in Dubai for 3 years but in the Middle East for 7 in total. I’ve always been a creative and my energy and ambition has taken me to some amazing places around the world which have all resulted in Dainty Illustrations. Dainty has grown from being something that I did to have some “me time” into a business.  During the lockdown last year I was, like most people around the world, feeling really anxious and a bit lost.  Drawing is my escape, it’s my calm place. I started drawing portraits of friends and family and creating my own greetings cards in hope that it would add a little spark of happiness to their day.  It did and the feeling of spreading that joy in turn lifted my own spirits. So much so that I started Dainty Illustrations.  

I wondered what I would be able to add to this competitive industry.  It’s heart! I put my heart and soul into every piece. I create artwork that is affordable for individuals and businesses which include illustrative portraits, home decor, logo design and social content and now I’m so happy to have my own collection of greeting cards. Working on myself while growing my company go hand in hand and I am so grateful that I get to do that. 

Click here to view Dainty Illustrations' card selection available to purchase at The Sandpit Greetings Co.